Vistabel treatment against excessive sweating

Sweating is a natural process that is important for individuals’ health because it takes part in the regulation of body temperature and excretion of harmful substances from the body. When it is excessive it causes discomfort. Excessive sweating is not associated with high temperatures or physical activity but it is an aesthetic and health problem.

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What is Vistabel?

Vistabel is a type of Botox which is being used for reducing wrinkles. It is produced by Allergan company using the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It is a highly purified protein that was used in classical medicine before its use in rejuvenation.

The branches of medicine which used it for its beneficial effects are ophthalmology, neurology, ENT, gynecology, and pediatrics. For the past 20 years, it has become a cornerstone of aesthetic procedures. In addition to rejuvenation, it has been used successfully in the treatment of excessive sweating.

When is Vistabel being used to treat excessive sweating?

Vistabel is being used in cases when excessive sweating represents a difficulty in everyday activities, recreation, sports or causes psychological trauma.

Who is the candidate for Vistabel treatment against excessive sweating?

Adult males and females with excessive sweating are potential candidates for treatment with Vistabel.

What does the Vistabel treatment look like?

Vistabel is an effective treatment option for excessive sweating. It blocks nerve signaling which affects sweat glands. The procedure during which Vistabel is applied lasts for about 1 hour. Before the application, the anesthetic cream is being applied in order to reduce the pain during the procedure.

Vistabel is applied by a tiny needle from multiple sides to ensure equal treatment of the whole affected area. There are no specific procedures necessary in recovery time, the only important factor is staying upright for a few hours after which the individual can return to normal daily activities. The effect lasts on average around 6 months after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

What are the side effects and are there any risks?

When applying Vistabel for excessive sweating the advantage is that there are no significant side effects and the procedure itself is an ideal solution for excessive sweating. Sometimes the treatment needs to be repeated sooner in cases when the patient has an increased number of sweat glands.

How long does the effect of the treatment by Vistabel last for excessive sweating?
Treatment against excessive sweating by Vistabel typically lasts up to 6 months, sometimes even longer which means that the treatment needs to be repeated up to twice per year to reduce excessive sweating.

Price of Vistabel treatment against excessive sweating

The price of Vistabel treatment against excessive sweating depends on the amount of Botox necessary for the treatment. 

Autor: Dr. Držislav Markovina

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