FUE eyebrow transplant

FUE eyebrow transplant

Eyebrows may be missing or be thinned for various reasons. By far the most common reason is their plucking, than scaring due to trauma or surgery, alopecia, piercings, tattoos, burns, etc.

The FUE eyebrow transplant procedure is the same as the hair transplant procedure. In order to achieve the maximum density of the eyebrows it is often necessary to repeat the procedure. Since the hairs in the eyebrows are transplanted from the scalp, once they grow they need to be cut to maintain the length of the existing brow. The goal of the procedure is to preserve a natural look, to thicken and to retain the natural lines and the direction of hair growth.

Unlike hair on the scalp, which mostly grows in the same direction, the eyebrows, on a much smaller area, grow in several different directions. The hair of the scalp usually grows at a 45° angle while the eyebrow hair grows following the surface of the skin. The hairs in the eyebrows grow from individual follicles, rather than as the hair on the scalp in follicular units containing 1-4 hairs. The anagen phase (growth phase), which on the scalp lasts up to seven years, in the eyebrows lasts only 4 months.

The FUE eyebrow transplant procedure

In the first phase of a FUE eyebrow transplant from the donor region in the back of the scalp smaller follicular units or individual hair follicles are taken. Subsequently they are microscopically processed under a magnification of 15 times for every individual follicle so that from it after the transplantation we get the growth of individual hairs.
The follicles are implanted into the eyebrows using the fine implanter with which we can determine the desired depth, angle and direction of implantation of hair follicles, and thus the future growth of individual hairs. The surgical procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the very same as at the dentist. On average for the eyebrow transplant we need between 250 to 400 individual hairs. Immediately after the procedure the patient receives specific instructions and is free to go.

Often the procedure is repeated after one year to achieve a density as close to natural. The beginning of growth of transplanted hair is 3-4 months after the procedure. Most grows six months after the procedure, and the full result is visible after 10 months. The result of the FUE eyebrow transplant is permanent.

Is the FUE hair transplant method for you?

We highly recommend a free consultation examination for insight into your situation and assessment of the justification, the size and the cost of a possible FUE eyebrow transplant procedure. If you are unable to reach us, you can send us a photo and we can comment it together over the phone.

Consultations are also available free of charge in Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana and Trieste.

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