Lip augmentation

Nicely shaped. Full and sensual lips are desirable. Many people do not have such lips and contemplate undergoing aesthetic correction which would give them desired volume and shape. Thanks to simple and safe procedures of lip augmentation it is possible to achieve the desired look simply and quickly. Lip augmentation in Pantovcak Polyclinic is one of the most popular procedures because it achieves a big difference in a short period of time

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What are the options for lip augmentation?

There are multiple options for lip augmentation which achieve excellent results. Depending on the current state of the lips and the patient’s expectations, the aesthetic surgeon provides the best recommendation about the type of treatment and the amount of filler to be applied.

The goal of the aesthetic procedure is to achieve a natural and attractive look that is in balance with the face.

There are two options for lip augmentation, depending on the type of filler used. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers is a very popular option and such fillers have the ability to be absorbed. This means that they get degraded in our bodies with time. This option does not last as long as another option-lip augmentation using silicone fillers. Silicone fillers represent a more permanent method.

Who is a candidate for lip augmentation?

Candidates for lip augmentation are adults who have thin lips or have lost lip volume over the years. Lip augmentation provides a more sensual look to the face. It is important to be healthy and to have realistic expectations from the procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure?

The procedure itself is quick and the preparation for the treatment is simple. The most important factor is to agree with the aesthetic surgeon about the expectations and treatment options before the procedure.

In Pantovčak polyclinic the clients are provided with counsel about the best treatment option and the volume necessary in order to achieve the ideal outcome.

The best results are achieved with patients which opt for the ideal amount of the filler in order to achieve perfect facial symmetry. It is better to start off with a smaller quantity of the filler which can be increased with further procedures than to insist on an excessive amount of filler which does not produce an attractive outcome.

Before the procedure doctor acquires the necessary patient information such as medication, allergy, and medical history. Before the procedure, the cosmetic products on the face are removed and the face is disinfected.

What does the lip augmentation treatment look like?

Before the start of the procedure, lips are prepared by applying the anesthetic cream or spray in order to minimize pain sensitivity. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are injected into the desired lip region in order to reshape, elevate and provide additional volume.

The aesthetic surgeon”s precision is very important because it determines the final outcome. The aesthetic surgeon determines where will the fillers be injected to achieve the desired outcome. The fillers are applied close to the inner edge of the lips or, sometimes, just one lip if there is a great difference in size among the lips.

Fillers are also used to enhance the lip edges. The procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes and the recovery is simple. There is mild swelling of the lips after the procedure and when the swelling fades, the lips reveal the desired shape and volume. The final result of the lip augmentation peaks two weeks after the procedure. That is the amount of time that is necessary for filler to adapt to the lips and for the possible side effects to fade.

Are there any side effects and risks?

Lip swelling after the application is normal and goes away within 2-3 days. It is possible for the hematoma to develop. In that case, massage with cold dressing, using gentle circular movements helps the hematoma to decrease in size and disappear.

How long do the lip fillers last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are temporary. How long do they last is determined by the intrinsic ability of the organism to respond to the hyaluronic acid as well as the type of the filler.  Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can last between 6 and 15 months. Silicone fillers are the semipermanent and permanent solution but they have become less popular in recent years.

However, when the candidates choose to have a permanent solution they choose silicone fillers.

Autor: Dr. Držislav Markovina


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