About hair loss

What is the hair cycle?
The cycle of hair is divided into phases of growth and life of each hair. We distinguish the anagen phase (growth phase), which lasts 2-6 years, the catagen phase (resting phase), which lasts 2-6 weeks, and the telogen phase (hair loss phase), which lasts 3-4 months, during which the hair falls out of the follicle, and a new hair in the anagen phase begins to form.

How does the body develop healthy hair?
The body develops hair from the protective sheath called follicle. Most commonly these are in groups of 2 or 3 follicles, and sometimes 1 or 4, and thus form so-called follicular units. On the basis of this the modern method of hair transplantation FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was named.

What is the average hair density of an adult male?
The average natural density of hair in men is usually above 100 hairs per square centimeter. Half of the natural density is sufficient for an impression of a scalp.

How much hair falls out per day?
Daily from the scalp falls out 100 to 150 hairs. In a scalp not affected by hair loss all the hair that fall through life are replaced by new healthy hairs from the same follicle after 3-4 months. That is a continuous and natural process. In a scalp affected by permanent loss of hair part of it is replaced by increasingly weaker hair or it is not replaced at all.

What is the cause of hair loss?
Hair loss is not an illness but a manifestation because in 95% of cases it is genetically determined. It can be inherited from the mother and the father and affects a large number of both men and women. The rear and the side parts of the scalp are usually not affected thereby allowing hair transplant procedures.

Should I wait for complete hair loss?
It is not necessary to wait for complete hair loss. With the FUE hair transplantation we can thicken a partially thinned scalp, as well as areas of complete loss of hair. It is recommended to start the procedure as soon as possible so that we can follow the natural lines, angles and directions of hair growth.

Are further innovations being developed?
By participating in the annual ISHRS world congress (International Society of Hair Restoration) we follow the development and the innovations in the field of hair transplantation. The FUE hair transplant represents a gold standard.

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