We highly recommend a free consultation examination for insight into your situation and assessment of the justification, the size and the cost of a possible FUE hair transplant procedure. If you are unable to reach us, you can send us a photo and we can comment it together over the phone.

Why do we recommend live consultations?

At the consultation examination it is possible, in addition to the insight into your specific case, experience the patient as a person, explain the realistic achievements of hair transplant because nowadays Google and marketing can give a wrong idea about the possibilities of transplantation. The patient is able to explain exactly what he wants and get answers to questions. It is possible to see the procedure live, and get an impression of the surgeon and the Polyclinic. Discretion is guaranteed; the patient does not encounter other patients nor are his photographs shown to others. Consultations are possible and free in Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana and Trieste.

What does a consultation look like?

At the consultation examination we do not generally schedule the term of the procedure. We advise patients to take time before making a final decision, see the procedure live or contact some of our patients. We recommend planning the procedure due to available dates three to four weeks in advance. n some cases with photos and a telephone consultation the surgery can be arranged without a prior consultation examination.

The goal of the surgery is to use as efficiently as possible the available hair of the back and the side regions of the head. If the hair in these donor areas is healthy the procedure is probably possible, but it is important to assess the quality of the hair and the size of the donor region in relation to the receiving regions. Besides the direction and the angle of hair growth, the characteristics such as waviness, color and texture can also affect the result of the procedure. Hair transplantation is the art of the possible and thus to individuals with a limited donor region we do not recommend the surgery, whereas very young patients may be advised to delay the hair transplant surgery.

To most men in one day, depending on the quality of the hair, we can transplant 2000 – 2500 follicles; with thick, dark, straight and short hair also over 3000 hair follicles. The procedure can last up to 6 hours. In a two-day procedure that lasts for up to 12 hours up to 5000 follicles can be transplanted. In women, it is possible to transplant 1500 – 2000 follicles in one day.

Consultations and check-ups after surgery are free. Payments can be in cash, with credit cards (up to 36 installments) and via a transaction account.

Prije dolaska na konzultacijski pregled preporučamo preko naše web stranice dobiti osnovne informacije o opadanju kose i presađivanju kose.

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Patient experiences

For all those who suffer from hair loss, the choice of FUE transplantation by Dr. Markovina and his team is a complete success. Extremely professional approach, lasting results, the treatment is like a slightly longer visit to the dentist, and the new hair has a completely natural look.

Drago Lokas


Dr. Markovina is one of the few doctors who is characterized by superlative knowledge and skills! His interventions and work are imbued with exceptional patience and detail! This is truly a top surgeon with highly aesthetic results!

Dr. David Raičković