Are there any bandages after the surgery?

There are no folds on the scalp after the surgery. In the area of the donor region, there is a gauze which is removed the next morning at home.

Will I have to take medications after the procedure?

The patient receives an antibiotic that is taken the next four days and a spray with which the receiving region is moisturized in the following four days.

Is it possible to spend the night somewhere near the policlinic?

If this is a several-day procedure or for personal reasons you do not want to return home the same day, we provide you an adequate stay in a hotel or private accommodation in our neighborhood.

Can I travel home the same day?

Yes, you can travel on the same day. If it is a two-day FUE transplant procedure, we recommend sleeping in Zagreb. After the FUE transplant surgery, there is no pain. We recommend complying with the post-operative instructions.

Will there be swelling (edema) after the surgery?

After the FUE transplant surgery there is no pain. We recommend complying with the post-operative instructions.

Will there be swelling (edema) after the surgery?

In a smaller number of patients, more often after a two-day procedure, there may be slight swelling in the forehead but it disappears 2-3 days after the procedure. Ttreatment is not required. Terapija nije potrebna.

Are there possible side effects of the FUE hair transplantation?

In the donor region we have never seen side effects, and in the receiving region, if it is frontal, sometimes there can be a little swelling that withdraws after 2-3 days.

Are there scars after the FUE hair transplant?

The purpose of the FUE hair transplant procedure is to avoid linear scars in the scalp that were characteristic for the old hair transplantation method, the so-called strip” method. In the donor region sometimes some microdots can be visible only in a small number of patients and only in the back, the so-called donor region with very short or shaved hair.

Are patients satisfied with the results?

With a good quality donor region the FUE hair transplant surgery for men and women provides results and gives satisfaction to patients. We have been performing this procedure and monitoring patients for 12 years now. The procedure is equally successful in the first as in the repeated interventions.

Are you ready for a free consultation?

At the consultation, it is possible to experience the patient as a person in addition to the insight into your case, to explain the real achievements of hair transplantation.