Hair loss is inherited only from the mother’s side.

Not always, the genes responsible for the inheritance of hair loss can be inherited from either parent, and in most case from both.

Hair loss is often explained by poor blood circulation in the scalp and the appearance of dandruff.

The scalp is in all its parts vascularized in the same manner and dandruff does not affect hair loss.

Hair loss can be treated only by using vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Vitamins and supplements can contribute to the health of your hair, but have not proven effect on stopping hair loss.

Hair loss is common in older men.

For some men hair loss begins in high school and for the majority in their 20s or 30s.

If hair is not lost by the age of 40, it will not be lost later either.

The hair loss may start at any age.

Washing too often causes hair loss.

Washing does not stimulate hair loss, and avoiding it will not postpone the fallout.

By cutting hair or frequently cutting hair one can get thicker hair.

Maybe it looks that way, but this is an illusion since hair is thicker as it is shorter, i.e. closer to the skin.

Wearing hats/caps affects hair loss.

Wearing a cap can affect the hairstyle, but it has not been proven that wearing caps, hats or helmets affects hair loss.

Too much sun exposure can cause hair loss.

It has not been scientifically proven, thus people can sunbathe and go to tanning salons.

Female hair loss is rare.

Many will be surprised that women make 40% of the population affected by hair loss.

Manly men have no hair.

It is not true, but it is true that excess testosterone can cause hair loss.

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