What is the first step?

We recommend you a free consultation examination to assess your case and establish the justification, size and price of the FUE hair transplant procedure. If you are unable to come in person, you can send us photos and we will comment them together over the phone.

How can I know if I am the appropriate candidate for the procedure?

In a consultation exam you can gain insight into your case, and assess the feasibility and the extent of a possible procedure. It is also possible to send photos of the donor and the receiving regions that we can comment together over the phone. The ideal way to find out the experiences of patients and see the results of previous interventions is to attend an FUE hair transplant procedure for a patient that already had surgery.

Is microscopic follicular hair transplantation always successful?

With a good quality hair in the donor region, the FUE hair transplantation method is always successful. Success is not just hair growth but it is equally important that it is not visible that this hair has been surgically received. With the microscopic processing of follicles scars and irregularities are avoided which were typical for older methods of hair transplantation.

What can I expect during my transplantation procedure?

The medical team will take care and do everything for your complete comfort. The procedure lasts 5-6 hours, is performed under local anesthesia (as at a dentist), and is painless. There may be breaks, and time is best shortened with a phone.

How many hair follicles can be transplanted in one day?

In one day it is possible to transplant, depending on the density and the quality of the donor region, between 2000 and 2500 follicles. The surgery can last up to 6 hours. In a two-day procedure that lasts for up to 12 hours up to 5000 follicles can be transplanted. During the procedure the phone can be used and, if necessary, you can go to the toilet.

How many procedures are necessary for the reconstruction of my scalp?

The number of procedures for the reconstruction of the scalp depends on the size of areas without hair, the possibilities of the donor region and the wishes of the patient. The FUE hair transplant procedures can be repeated to increase the density or to restore subsequent loss of hair. For most patients two procedures in a lifetime are enough.

Is FUE transplantation painful and when you see hair growth?

The FUE hair transplant is a completely painless procedure because it is performed under local anesthesia (the same as at the dentist). After the procedure, there is no need to take analgesics (painkillers).
The start of hair growth is seen 4 months after the procedure. Most of the hair will grow in 7-8 months, and the rest in 10 months after the procedure. The hair obtained via the transplantation grows for a lifetime.

Will the appearance of my hair be natural?

The appearance of hair after the FUE transplant procedure is natural. The resulting hair will grow for a lifetime. Thanks to the microscopic processing of all follicles we get a natural subsequent growth of hair in which there is no scarring and typical grafts (“tufts”) as in the old methods. The result is natural regardless of the size or density of the receiving region. Neither the hairdressers know that it is transplanted hair.

What will the density of new hair be?

The density of new hair depends on the size of the area in which the hair follicles are transplanted and the amount of follicles that can be obtained in the procedure. With one intervention 25 – 30% of hair density can be restored, and the maximum density that can be obtained by transplantation is 50% of the density of the donor region.

Is hair obtained with the FUE transplantation permanent?

The hair obtained with the FUE transplant is permanent, lifelong, i.e. grows as long and as well as in the back of the scalp where it was taken from. The hair in the back of the scalp, the so called donor region, is genetically different from the hair at the top and in the front of the scalp, the receiving region, and will never fall out. The skin tissue of the entire scalp, meaning both in the donor and the receiving region, is of equal quality and therefore the FUE transplantation is possible and successful.

Is there a limit of growth of transplanted hair?

There are no restrictions on hair growth. With the transplantation the hair retains the quality and the duration regardless of the location in which is transplanted.

Transplantation of hair from the body – how is it done?

Transplantation of hair from the body is carried out in the same manner as the transplantation of hair from the scalp. Few are the patients in which such surgery is possible, and the amount of hair that can be obtained is limited. We do this type of procedure when we want to fix minor flaws or scars in the beard, eyebrows or scalp.

Are you ready for a free consultation?

At the consultation, it is possible to experience the patient as a person in addition to the insight into your case, to explain the real achievements of hair transplantation.