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We specialize in FUE hair transplantation. From now on, we also offer injection therapy services.

Dr. Markovina performs hair transplantation with the FUE method


FUE hair transplant

All members of our surgical team are specialized and daily exclusively perform FUE hair transplantation procedures according to the latest world standards. Our goal is to offer patients all that modern hair transplantation can, regardless of the extent or cause of hair loss.

Injection therapy

Injection therapy includes the application of botox and hyaluronic acid fillers into different areas of the face and body depending on the desired effect.

FUE hair transplant

FUE is the most modern and least invasive hair transplant technique available today in the world and since 2005 it is being performed in Croatia. UE hair transplant technique allows for excellent control of each stage of the procedure.

It is applicable to both men and women with hair loss problems, as well as to all types of hair. In this technique, there is no need for scalpels, stitches and folds.

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Patient experiences

For all those who suffer from hair loss, the choice of FUE transplantation by Dr. Markovina and his team is a complete success. Extremely professional approach, lasting results, the treatment is like a slightly longer visit to the dentist, and the new hair has a completely natural look.

Drago Lokas


Dr. Markovina is one of the few doctors who is characterized by superlative knowledge and skills! His interventions and work are imbued with exceptional patience and detail! This is truly a top surgeon with highly aesthetic results!

Dr. David Raičković


Hair loss

Hair loss

Hair loss is a manifestation, not an illness, that is usually caused by our genes and hormones. It...

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